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boozhoo niiji-bimaadizidog, niindigo shaawanobinesiik, gaa-waabaabiganikaag ndoonjibaa, makwa ndoodem. my cousin calls me a verbal archivist. he says my spirit mutated to take in stories because i forgot so much. i tend to agree. you’ll find the archives under the name “living memory.” heads up, though, i overshare a lot. it’s like, dazzle camouflage or whatever. hiding in plain sight. you’ll understand when we’re older.

a more “professional” bio: Cleo Keahna Warrior is an undisciplined artist, filmmaker, and verbal archivist. He is a 2019 Big Sky Native Filmmaker Initiative and 4th World Media Lab Fellow. He writes misadventurous tabletop RPGs for money and LGBT comics for love. His words have most notably been published in Fact, Fiction, and Fabrication, (Vassar, 2019), Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time, (Bedside Press, 2016), and Survivance: Indigenous Poesis Vol. 4 (R.I.S.E, 2019). When he isn’t grifting nerds, he’s creating ambient horror soundscapes as one half of Billy Jackass with his dad, Shaawano. Warrior lives on Cayuga homelands with his family and their crybaby rez dog.

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