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This one is ours. We wrote it shortly after my mom passed away on July 4th, 2018, wrote it for ImagineNative’s Sovereign Bodies, Healthy Nations program. There were only three of us on the crew initially. Evelyn Pakinewatik, obviously, my cousin, co-conspirator, and the director of this film. Then there was me, composing and composting, rotting and sprouting as we wrote and rewrote. Then Pedia Robinson, who was our sound guy, living with us and getting up with us at ungodly hours to chase the midsummer sunrise.

We wrote Waaseyaa in about a week. Earlier that summer, maybe a few days, even, after mom went, I’d recorded my narration for another project of ours, Emerge: Stone Braids, which I’ve also linked on this website. Both projects are radically vulnerable in a way some of my other work just… isn’t. Working with Ev, and I work with Ev often, brings out a character who is about as close to myself as a fiction can get. Controlled, yes, directed, yes, but close.

I don’t think it’s available for purchase anywhere except directly from Ev? You can contact them for streaming rights at, or hire them through their Vimeo, linked above.

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